Goovies Loans understand the fact that you may even have tried to get unsecured loans but were turned down due to your poor bank balance.


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Having invested all your savings to create a secure roof called home, maybe has left you with little or no cash to fund your child’s wedding. Or is it his educational expenses that you cannot afford anymore? Goovies Loans understand the fact that you may even have tried to get unsecured loans but were turned down due to your poor bank balance. This is where Goovies Loans comes right in as your saviour. If you are a homeowner and you need money urgently, then homeowner loans are your golden ticket to the sum needed! Goovies Loans wants to be there for you when you need money for important purposes, struggling to get it from various sources.

Our Service

Your home is now more of a pride for you because not only does it provide you shelter literally but helps with your finances too. Because you are a homeowner, you deserve to get a loan more than anyone else. We make you avail this advantage and help you get a loan secured against your home.
In a consumer-oriented world out there where you need money for almost everything, Goovies Loans want you to remain tension free and allow you easy access to money. We want you to experience our unmatchable service we have developed just for you. Moreover, we want you to benefit from our well established platform that incorporates user friendly interface.
Goovies Loans has been developed keeping your needs at the forefront and they want you to know it too. We consider the problems you may be facing due to the global economic trends and that you may require instant cash at any time. Endeavouring to give you an undisrupted and efficient service, we are struggling to be your only thought when it comes to borrowing money in case of emergencies.
Goovies Loans considers the fact that you have been trying to reach out for cash by contacting different banks and financial institutions but you were unable to attain a loan due to your financial condition. You have had to confront negation at different times and everything has just left you stressed out. We do not wish you to experience any such thing again. Therefore we are here to offer you homeowner loans secured against your home. These will help you solve your problems and you will have favourable terms as per repayment policies.

Why Should You Choose Us?

You might be considering getting a homeowner loan or you might be conducting a detailed research over which company to choose. While there are as many homeowner loan lenders like Barclays in the market, you are surely tempted to ask what makes Goovies Loans stand out from the rest? The answer lies in the reason why this company was founded: it was founded so we can care for you in a better way and make your worries fade away!
We have built a strong setup with a vigilant team that knows you are important and we therefore aim to help you in every type of circumstances you might be facing. With a deep integration of customer requirements into our system, we differ from others like Money Super Market on the basis of high quality and a stable working system.
We are aware of the fact that every customer is special and every customer has his own problems, thereby we offer a variety of plans so as to make you choose from among them. This adds to our quality functioning and makes us stand out rest of our competitors.
Our policy of working 7 days a week enhances our ratings among others and you are provided with a handy and undisrupted service 24/7. Also, our well established online system allows everyone easy access and you can initiate the loan process online by placing a request. It is actually this simple!
Along with our competitive functioning, we make sure the working is error free and an ethical code of conduct is followed.

Flexibility of Terms

When you need a lower amount for a specific time, why borrow more and incur interest? As everyone has their own specific needs, Goovies Loans follows the strategy followed at highly professional companies like UK Loan 247 so you do not encounter stress and extra amounts of interest. At Goovies Loans, you are the decision maker where you can decide the amount of loan you want to take and also decide the time period. This is in order to make the best use of money without having to pay additional charges if you pay it earlier than the stipulated time.

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